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Amazon reviews (Second edition)

"Absolute must read for contractors! Very highly recommended book. I am in the process of transitioning from full-time to contract employment and this book is already paying for itself. The advice is brilliant, the book is written to be very positive and easy to read, but without hiding the dangers in each stage of the process. The sections on company setup, CV writing and IR35 are particularly excellent.
Don't embark on contracting without reading this book!

CrispP on Amazon (verified purchase) - Aug 2014

"Five fat stars! Excellent, factual and informative.... I have been an independent contractor with my own limited company for 6 months and I am finding this book absolutely indispensable...... This book is about transitioning to independence..... Highly recommended!!"

PigPig on Amazon (Verified purchase), Jun 2013

"Even after 10 years of contracting this gave me a good few insights to the industry. I would highly recommend this book to all that are venturing into the industry"

Bruce on Amazon (Verified purchase), Sep 2012

"Lots of helpful tips. Easy to follow and well written. Wish I read this 6 months ago. I will be implementing many of the suggestions starting tomorrow."

Rudolph Stewart (Verified purchase) - Jun 2014

Praise for the first edition

"I think this is a long overdue publication for contractors and freelancers and Dave is to be complimented on the level of detail, style and great advice that it delivers. This book should be part of every contractors tool kit and is excellent value for money."

Rob Crossland, Managing Director, Parasol Group

Don't even think about embarking into freelancing without ordering a copy of the Contractors Handbook by Dave Chaplin. You could easily spend years finding out the hard way, what this highly focused and relevant book tells you and, after reading it, you will know exactly how to handle all the pitfalls and joys of contracting.

David Colom, D J Colom & Co Chartered Accountants

I'm finding the handbook to be very interesting and useful, especially as I'm rewriting my CV to a more high impact format. The best part so far has been the recent 'contract renewal' which, having read the handbook, I referred back to my agent to get it redrafted as a new contract with a change of title, and took the opportunity to get an increased rate as well!

Paul Gardner, UK Contractor

Rarely do you pick up a book that answers all the questions. Not only does the Contractors’ Handbook answer them in detail, but it also goes into areas I hadn’t even thought about – despite creating and running several successful businesses. Whether you are a freelancer, contractor, interim, freelance consultant or locum, regardless of the years you have been working, this comprehensive book is an absolute gem. Get one and I promise you it will remain on your shelf for reference and get used regularly. Highly recommended!

Darren Fell, Managing Director, Crunch

Given the unrelenting change that the freelance and contractor landscape has undergone in recent years, this updated version of the Contractors' Handbook will prove essential reading for first timers and veteran contractors alike. As ever, Dave Chaplin has used his vast experience of the field to help contractors navigate the often confusing and sometimes treacherous path to successful freelancing.

Tony Harris, Managing Director, Contractor Financials

The Contractors' Handbook is a much-needed publication. Contractors want trusted, concise, practical advice, which is exactly what Dave Chaplin provides, at an excellent price. Importantly, the guide also offers reassurance to people considering contracting as a career move, whilst addressing the complex tax and regulatory issues.

James Leckie, Owner, Contract Eye Limited

As a "permie" looking to spend a bit of time contracting, this book pretty much matched exactly what I was looking for and it was well worth investing in the book, and investing the time required to read it properly. I found that for me, the best way to use it was to read the chapters in order, one at a time, and spend a couple of days reflecting on the contents of the chapter and doing my own research into the topic it covered, as a kind of dry run while I was still in my previous job.

NumberSix Amazon review

Really pleased to have read this, and read it I did, from cover to cover, all 500 pages! I'd really just wanted to find out more about keeping out of IR35, what with HMRC going after contractors like me who work through limited companies. But having started, I realised I could have done with this book about four years ago when I began my contracting. Buy the Contractors' Handbook and it will probably save you making costly mistakes by knowing how to avoid bad deals, etc. If you're lucky, like me, it could also help you find your next contract!

IT Jane’s Amazon review

I've been thinking about contracting for a year now, and bought this book after a friend recommended it to me. And a great recommendation it was. The author clearly speaks from experience and his "been there, done it" sections offer some really great insightful tips. This book has given me the confidence to finally make the leap to contracting and I'm sure I'll be referring to it often to help me with my contracting career. Worth every penny.

Beks’ Amazon review

This is a good introduction to UK IT contracting. I would highly recommend it to anyone new to contracting that wants to quickly grasp the most important aspects of the move from permie to contractor. It will more than pay back the cover price with its advice to new contractors.

Bob Smith’s Amazon review

“I’ve successfully made the transition from permanent employment to working as a contractor. My advice to first-time contractors is buy the Contractors’ Handbook and read it thoroughly from cover to cover. Twice. If you’re not serious, it’ll frighten you off, and if you are serious, it contains a wealth of practical advice from seasoned contractors who’ve ‘been there and done that’.”

Ken Burrell, Brilliant Baselines

“At last the information, step-by-step guidance and advice we’ve all been looking for! After 14 years contracting I thought I was a pro’, but the Contractors’ Handbook has opened my eyes. I wish I’d had this when I was starting out, but it’s just as useful to me now.”

Paul Ross, UK contracting veteran

In the press - First Edition

Contractors' Handbook - essential reading for contractors

If you thought that the web was the only source for quality contracting information, you might need to think again, as the Contractors' Handbook is launched.
[13th May 2009 - ContractEye]

A bible for contractors and freelancers

Rarely do you pick up a book that answers all the questions... I thoroughly recommend this book. It is so good it should be renamed The Contactors’ Bible!
[6th May 2009 - FreelanceAdvisor]

Contractors' Handbook: For Contractors Determined to Stay in Contract

Stay in contract, earn more money and avoid legal nightmares: Common-sense advice for contractors from an experienced professional.
[16th Apr 2009 - Freelance Supermarket]

How to thrive in recession

The new Contractors' Handbook is a valuable resource...., and includes guidance for for contractors that can help them win work at appropriate rates, negotiate favourable renewals and, with a bit of luck, increase the chances of having the work they need or want to see them through the recession.
[March 2009 - Professional Contractors Group - Freelance Matters Magazine]

New Book for Contractors

I think this is a long overdue publication for contractors and freelancers and Dave is to be complimented on the level of detail, style and great advice that it delivers. This book should be part of every contractors tool kit and is excellent value for money.
[5th Jan 2009 - Rob Crossland's Blog, MD, Parasol Group]

New Contractors’ Handbook empowers contractors facing tough trading conditions

Contractors who have been struggling to secure contracts and contract renewals at good rates since the economy has taken a turn for the worse will be relieved to know that help is at hand.
[16th Dec 2009 - ContractorCalculator]