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About the book

Contracting continues to outperform other sectors of the UK labour market. Client organisations are increasingly recognising the benefits offered by the flexible and highly skilled contracting workforce. And although many new contractors join the sector each year, skills shortages still exist in many core contracting disciplines.

Tens of thousands of UK contractors used the first edition of the Contractors’ Handbook – either to successfully navigate the choppy seas between employment and contracting, or to improve their skills to reach the calm waters where the best and highest-paid contracts are just waiting to be caught.

The Contractors’ Handbook Second Edition removes the mystique of contracting for first timers and is an invaluable reference guide for experienced contractors.

  • Detailed description of how to make the transition into contracting
  • In-depth how-to guide for CV writing and interviews
  • Advice on how to start and run a contracting business
  • Key guidance on the IR35 legislation
  • Unique ‘contractor mindset’ and ‘what to do when things go wrong’ tips
  • Advanced marketing and sales for contractors.